Breaking the Chains Empowerment Workshop

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On Saturday, November 1, 2014 I had the pleasure of attending “Breaking the Chains” Empowerment Workshop hosted by Michelle Waters.

The speakers were Dawn Dunn, Pastor Kristi Whichard, Shirley T. Burke and workshop host, Michelle Walters.

The women in attendance laughed, cried and related with what was shared.  “Hope” was in the building at Stonehenge Golf &  Country Club on Saturday.

Take Aways:

“We must teach people how to WIN, BUILD and SEND… We must learn to put Christ first in all we do. Our instructions should be to win people (souls), build them up, and then send them out to do the same thing.”  ~ Dawn Dunn

Life is about seasons. … You need to make sure you have a solid structure for when the wind starts to blow…. Get control of your “self-talk” – You are what you say.”  “If You Say So” ~ Pastor Kristi Whichard

“It doesn’t matter what you don’t have; it’s what you’re willing to do. You must have a determined mindset to be successful….You must be willing to learn….to listen…to help… You must not give up. I’m not lucky…I sowed seeds.” ~ Michelle Walters

“The day you were born, God Smiled. When you love yourself, you don’t hurt people.  Give to others what you need yourself. You matter RIGHT NOW! ~ Shirley T. Burke

Paulette Harper – Words of Inspiration – Day 19

What is the Encouragement Campaignpauletteharper

It is 21 days of Hope, Inspiration & Solutions, just like the mission of our weekly radio show.

Many people don’t know where to turn in the midst of their storm. We tell them to read the Bible, and that’s what they need to do, but where do they go in the Bible? I can remember when I would go to the bible and it was just words. I didn’t know where to go nor what story or scriptures to read. It was just “Thou, Art ,begat, Mennonites,” and many other words I didn’t understand nor could pronounce. ~ Nicole Cleveland, Founder of Breathe Again Magazine

For 21 days you will hear from men and women of faith that have gone from victim to VICTORIOUS !
They will share how they survived and what encouraged them to keep going.

Scripture:  I Samuel 30:8B “Without fail you shall recover all”

I realize we are living in some rough times. Many people are facing challenges that they have never known before and walking into territory that may be unfamiliar to them. And of course many have lost things in the process. Nevertheless, God’s word is true because we have a covenant with God; He has promised that there shall be a day of recovery. So I would tell anyone, “take God at His word and trust that you shall recover everything that was taken from you.” During these rough economic times, it is God who will stabilize us and cause us to increase, prosper and propel in the worst conditions. The world is in a major crisis, and the pressure is even on us to compromise our faith, but we must remember as the children of Israel grew under pressure, hardship and oppression, we too will grow, multiply and increase, as long as we believe by faith that God will see us through.

Encouragement: I really believe that better days are ahead for the believer who will not be moved, swayed or quit. We must forge ahead knowing that God is in control.

by: Paulette Harper


His Eye is on the Sparrow by Lisa Y. Sparrow

His Eye is on the Sparrow Book Tour Lisa Sparrow

About The Book His Eyes is on the Sparrow by Lisa Sparrow

Lisa Sparrow has never felt loved or wanted. Born into a family that she never quite fit into, her childhood was spent alternating between the foster care system and various mental health institutions. How could the very people charged to protect her make her feel so worthless?

From the agony of multiple miscarriages to the pain of never feeling love from anyone, Lisa Y. Sparrow reveals the most intimate of details of her life in the hopes that someone is freed from their own prison of mental illness.


About The Author

 lisa sparrow




Newcomer Lisa Sparrow has endured more pain and loss in her life than anyone should be expected to. With her first book, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, she reveals the challenges she has faced in stunning detail. Lisa has learned the hard way that if you stay where you are in life, you’ll never reach your full potential. Her journey to self love and acceptance has been a hard fought battle and one she is led by God to share with her readers.

Lisa is a divorced mother of two wonderful children, Lauren and Leon, and currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. She currently works as clerical support for a local lighting company.

With His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Lisa hopes to shed some light on the subject of mental illness in this country and the process of Although this is Lisa’s first project, it certainly will not be her last. She is currently working on her second book, scheduled to be released in 2014.


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God Did It: Overcoming Sexual Abuse,Rape & Molestation Audio Series

Are You A Survivor?

Are you Still Dealing with the aftermath of abuse?

Did you bury the memory and now that you’re grown, it’s resurfaced?

Join 4 survivors of sexual abuse and learn how they moved past the hurt, pain and shame. So many individuals are still tortured by what happened to them years ago. Still Stuck.

We are leaders,parents and grown adults still unable to move forward.

Let us help you move forward

Download for just $17

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Download for  $17

About Our Speakers


Debra Davis , Author of My Daddy, The Devil & Me

Debra Ann Brown Davis is the author of “My Daddy The Devil and Me,”suffered 21 years of mental, emotional and sexual abuse from her biological father. At age fifteen, Davis was brainwashed,and led to a life of drugs, prostitution, and crime by her very own father.

Arrested Development Ministry, John & Charlene Donelson

 Arrested Development is the term used to describe the occurrence in the human body when a person has experienced something so traumatic in their childhood that it may allow them to grow physically, but still stunted in their emotional, relational, and even spiritual growth.

This outreach was birthed through experiences and testimonies of John & Charlene Donelson. Charlene is a victorious survivor of childhood sexual and verbal abuse.John is also a survivor in his own right, a product of a teenage rape.


Nicole Cleveland, Founder of Breathe Again,Speaker, Author & Radio & Host

Nicole Cleveland is the founder of Breathe Again Magazine, author of “So He Cheated, Now What?. Speaker & Radio Host. Nicole  is also a survivor of child sexual abuse. Abused by mutiple men, she thought there was a sign on her head that said, “Touch Me”. She blamed herself for years, but today she knows it was never her fault. Being sexually abused led her down a road of being promiscuous and looking for that “father figure.” Today, Christ fills the void she was searching for and he’s more than she could ever imagine.


Download Today for just $17


Sponsorship & Ticket Info: Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Purchase a ticket for someone you know still struggling with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse.

If you are a business or ministry,consider sponsoring this 3 day event.



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Marvin Winans – Draw Me Close to You / Thy Will Be Done

Draw Me Close To You
Never Let Me Go
I’ll Lay It All Down Again
To Hear You Say That I’m Your Friend
You are my Desire
No One Else Will Do
Bring Me Back To You
Thy Will Be Done
Thy Will Be Done
Thy Will Be Done…In Me
Because I Seen Work In Others
And I Want You To Work In Me…..


A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme with Rosa L. NeSmith

               May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Read as Nicole interviews Lyme Survivor, Author and Lyme Disease Advocate, Rosa L. NeSmith


BAM: Who is Rosa L. NeSmith? 

RLN: In addition to an entrepreneurial spirit, I am an active Philanthropist.  Over a four year term, I served as Co-Founder & Executive Director of a nonprofit organization for the insurance industry.  I have served the community for 25 years in various insurance capacities with various national insurance companies.  I am the mother of 2 young adult children.  I thrive with just one bottom line in mind:  A personal commitment to helping others solve problems and achieve their maximum potential.

BAM: How did you contract Lyme Disease? 

RLN: I contracted Lyme disease from the bite of an infected tick while working in my garden.  I had the symptoms within 10 days of the bite, but did not get diagnosed UNTIL 4 YEARS LATER!  The difficulty in getting diagnosed is what causes the infection to destroy internal organs.

BAM:What is Lyme Disease? 

RLN: Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection transmitted by infected ticks.  Deer, Squirrels and domestic pets are carriers of infected ticks.

BAM: Is there a cure?

RLN: I am not a medical professional.  But to my understanding, there is no known cure at present.  Mainstream doctors can barely diagnose the infection because when the bacteria is injected into the body it takes the shape of a worm and has the ability to hide in the body’s cells and tissues, therefore not appearing in a normal blood test.

BAM: How were you treated?

RLN:  I am not a medical professional. But, I was treated over a 9 month period with 3 different antibiotics and holistic medications.

BAM: What type of symptoms did you have?

RLN: My symptoms were many; Very deep intense pain from head to toe radiating from internal organs, joint pains, severe insomnia, brain fog.  In the near death stage I rapidly lost 30 pounds.

BAM: How can we prevent ourselves from catching Lyme Disease ?

RLN: I am not a medical professional.  I am not sure we can prevent it.  Because the infected ticks are barely visible to the naked eye, many patients do not get the classic bull’s eye rash.  Cover up when you go outside (backyard barbecues, parks, camping, yard work, etc) even in warm temperatures. Many experts say use repellent.

BAM: What does it do to your body?

RLN: I am not a medical professional.  When the bacterial is left untreated it can destroy the internal organs and it feels like the body is starting to shut down, that is what happened to me.

BAM:  How did  it affect your day to day activities?

RLN: In my darkest hours with the disease, I was bedridden for almost 1 year.  I was handicapped.  Even after graduating to the walker, obviously it was a chore for personal grooming, there were no everyday activities.  At present, I have good days and bad days, basically my joints hurt daily, but I can’t stop living!

 BAM: Tell me about your testimony

RLN: Before Lyme disease, I raced against time as a busy insurance professional.   I believe God used the disease to get my attention.  Now I am vibrant for Him and I have nothing but time on my side.  I feel like I am being lead now by a higher power than myself!

BAM: BAM is a moment of hope,inspiration and solutions. Encourage someone that may be facing something similar to what you have faced and may feel like giving up.

RLN:  During my darkest hours of Lyme disease, I had to surrender from my own strength, literally I had no more strength it was all taken from me.  When I realized the doctors did not know what was wrong with me, I turned to prayer while on my bed of affliction.  I thank God for my mother for raising me up in the church so that when the storms and winds blew my way in life, I knew where to go for my source of strength.  When I was weak He gave me strength in my mind & body, soon my body, mind and spirit chimed together as a sense of balance was achieved.  He forced me to a place of stillness and I will be forever grateful! “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

 BAM:  Where does your strength come from?

RLN: My strength is in God who comforts me and dwells in my heart.  During my darkest hours of living with Lyme disease, my daughter took care of me.  She also gave me the will to live and not give up to the devastating effects of my body. This is one of my favorite scriptures:  Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

To learn more about Lyme disease visit  To order the book, visit,  For media inquiries dial 1-888-600-9330, ext 2. In observance of May, National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, I am blessing individuals who wish to learn more by reading my book:  A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme.  Free quantities are limited, readers/viewers can email their mailing address to and indicate why they want to read about Lyme disease.

BAM:  Tell me about your book, A Race Against Time : Living With Lyme

I wrote the book A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme to bring awareness to Lyme disease by using my life experiences to highlight the difficulty in getting diagnosed and to expose the type of human suffering that comes from an infected tick bite when left untreated.

My vision for the book is to reach every household in America and for my life to be a blessing to the readers.  The disease, the book and the stepping stones made me realize my life is not my own!

BAM: What’s the cost and where can we purchase the book?

RLN: Thanks in advance.  The book can be purchased at for $15.95, or a portion of book proceeds will be donated to Lyme Disease Research. 


With a heavy heart and a thirst for more hours in the day, Rosa retreated to her colorful garden for a little introspection.  The deer enjoyed the magical colors of her garden, also!  She brought her thoughts with her and the deer brought a poppy seed sized terror, barely visible to the naked eye!  In only a split second, a blood sucking tick traced the scent of her blood and turned her life into a horrific nightmare!  How can something so small cause you to lose it all? 

A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme is a creative nonfiction memoir telling the story of a suffering Lyme disease patient’s tremendous resilience.  Rosa raced against time in a desperate search of a medical explanation for the rapid 30 pound weight loss and other debilitating symptoms.  Her shoulder blades poked out like wings on a beastly species and they remained glued to her loose fitting clothing for almost a year.  The pains tormented her frail body from head to toe, year after year, she suffered!  Rosa saw over 15 doctors in a 4 year period and nearly died before finally getting diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Christians with Pervasive Issues Virtual Book Tour with Annie Brown


About The Book 

Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it. Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything. Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.


About The Author



Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual’s life. It is Annie’s desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

The Meaning of Pervasive Issues

I WAS GETTING ready for work and suddenly the words “Pervasive Issues” were dropped into my spirit. Can you imagine someone who is not normally a morning person having something so important to deal with? I could not even think of the meaning of “pervasive,” so I could not comprehend what was being said to me. I went on to work, but it did not leave me. I shared what had been dropped into my spirit with my co-worker who is an encourager. He gave me a push to pursue the message the Spirit was conveying, and to understand what God wanted me to write. I could not begin until I did some preliminary homework. I had to figure out what part of speech that “pervasive” was. “Pervasive” is an adjective, which served as a modifier to the noun (issue). Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined it as “spreading through every part.” If an issue is pervasive, it permeates the whole of something. Pervasive issues need to be dealt with within the Body of Christ.

Book Excerpt

A Remedy to Get to the Root of the Problem

WHAT IS NEEDED is that the people of God “must” clean out their secret compartments and confess that they need the Lord to deliver them. Confession is made unto salvation (deliverance). If we confess our faults, the Lord is faithful in forgiving us. You may ask, “Why do I have to confess if I was not responsible for what happened to me?”

The issue then becomes whether you have forgiven the person that caused me this harm. If there is no forgiveness, then you become a victim twice: a victim of circumstance, and a victim of bondage. This can be in some ways more dangerous than cancer. This will always be eating away at you. With cancer, at least you know what is going on in your body. Being a victim of circumstance and having an unforgiving heart bring torment. This torment becomes a part of you in such a way that it eats through your mind, destroys your inner peace, and puts your soul in jeopardy because it becomes a heart matter of sin.

Recognizing There Is a Need

EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN the Body of Christ has strengths and needs. Most times the two words strength and weakness are used to describe parts of your abilities to cope. I like the word needs instead of weakness, because weakness denotes that I just cannot help it.

However, the word need helps me to understand that I am insufficient within myself to furnish the supply. In other words, I don’t have what it takes to get this matter taken care of and I “need” help. Help, Lord! The Word of God has declared that God will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. Denying our helplessness and unwillingness to take the need to God only prolongs getting deliverance and healing. The Lord revealed that the Body of Christ was compared to harvest time when it is gone and the people are left in dire need.

Let us look at Jeremiah 8:20, which stated, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved [delivered].”


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Faith For Finances

It’s been on me to write about obeying and trusting totally in God for a while now. Particularly, having faith for finances.

In the past I’ve said , “I have mustard seed faith.”  Faith to believe the impossible. Faith to believe that God will supply all of my needs, according to his riches in Glory.

Faith for my finances, for my health and for spiritual things.

I have faith…..It sounded good and everybody else was saying it. But did I really know?

God has a way of showing you what you think you know by real life experiences.


It’s easy to say you have faith to pay what you need to pay when you have a steady stream of income coming in; to know the direct deposit is going to be in the account every other Thursday. You may not have it all or even make enough, but you know a check is coming. You know you can put something on it. Make an arrangement  or set up a payment plan.

Today, I truly understand what’s it’s like to have faith. Not shout around a catchy slogan…

Gotta Have Faith

To have total faith for your finances is when you have no idea where the money is coming from, but you know, according to his word, that it’s coming.

This past week I began to weep because of God’s faithfulness. Not because I’m so great, but because of who he is and how he proves himself over and over again. There is no way on this earth I should be where I am today, according to man. My entire life is a testimony. My mother even gave a testimony of how she didn’t want us, as children and tried to set the bed on fire…But I’m still here.

I looked at the past 9 months I’ve been without a steady stream of income from an employer and people can’t seem to understand in the “natural” how my needs are being met. But I don’t live in the natural. I’m more spiritual than natural, so I live according to his spirit.

Just like God sent the ravens to feed Elijah, he will send what you need, when you need it. I’m a living witness. ( Story of Elijah at the Brook )

There were times I didn’t have gas money and someone showed up and placed money in my hands. Just like that!

There were times I had no idea how I would pay something, go to the mailbox and there was a check from a client. Just like that!

There were times people would text me and tell me to check my bank of account and there was a seed deposit. Just because…Just like that!

There were times I would speak and get blessed in cash instead of a check.  If I put the check in the bank, the fees from the account being overdrawn would eat it. No one knew, I didn’t tell anyone. (But God knew)  They blessed me in cash. Just like that!

God is no respecter of persons. I can tell you testimony after testimony how God has showed up for me and my family over the past 9 months. I expect favor, blessings and God’s Super to meet this Natural each and every day for my family.

I may not have everything I had before and may still be behind on some things but I’m not alone and it won’t be for long. He is doing just what he said he would do, for me and for you! Be encouraged.

He is a keeper if you allow him to keep you and a rewarder of them that diligently seek him and I seek him over and over again. I need him every hour, every minute, every day.

I write this not for those that have arrived but to encourage those (like me) that are still on their way.


Does God Care About Hair And If He Does, Why Did He Let Me Burn Off My Bangs?

My hair has always tried my patience. Problem: it is fine and thin. As a teenager, I put it up in pin curls (does anyone remember them anymore?) each night and wore it curly. Later, I used rollers and back-combed it, so it looked fuller. Regardless what I did, I rarely felt good about my hair. So, whenever there was a special family event involving photos, I’d head to the beauty shop. The beautician would transform my hair into something attractive, and my friends would say, “Oh, I like it, why don’t you pull your hair back with all those curls and the bangs, all the time?”

Problem: I didn’t have the patience, time, or ability. So, in recent years, I curled my bangs with a curling iron and twisted the rest of my hair to the back and put in a clip. It was easy, and it worked. However, that style was dependent on a curling iron. That’s what got me into trouble.

Our youngest daughter, Crystal, recently married an Israeli. After the wedding here in Oregon, we traveled to Israel for the ceremony there. I took my curling iron, and my husband took along a converter for me, since Israeli electricity has higher voltage than ours in the U. S. All went well until we were at a bed and breakfast above the Sea of Galilee.

I asked my husband, Pete, for the converter. Our son, Stephen, said, “Oh, use this smaller one. I use it all over Europe on my business trips. We connected the curling iron in the bedroom, and while it heated up, I went about doing other things.

First warning: when I returned to the room, I smelled the heat, but didn’t think too much about it. Second warning: when I picked up the curling iron, it burned my left thumb and forefinger. This baby is really hot, I thought, but continued to turn my bangs around the iron. I left it there a moment. Satisfied that the curl should be ready, I removed the iron—and the hair. Yes, the hair. Hanging from the curling iron was about two inches of my bangs. “Oh, no,” I screamed.

Everyone came running to see what happened. I held up the curling iron with my hair dangling from it. The men began figuring out what went wrong. I collapsed into my daughter, Crystal’s arms and sobbed. The wedding was only two days away. I had so looked forward to this special event and the photos I would have with Crystal and other family members. Now I wondered how I could even go.

“And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” I repeated in my mind, as soon as I could gain control of myself. I could trust God, but oh, what could be done with my hair?

Daniel, my new son-in-law assured me they could put on hair extenders at a beauty shop in Jerusalem. Doubtful, I kept wondering how things would all turn out. Every time I started to panic, however, I repeated, “All things . . . . . . .” in my mind.

That day we went to see the Jesus boat, an archeological find on the northern Galilee and for a ride on the Sea of Galilee. My granddaughters, ages seven and nine didn’t seem to mind that my bangs were gone. I was still Grandma to them, regardless how I looked. “All things work together for good. . . .” I kept repeating, but I couldn’t see how I could come out of this better than before. Was God dealing with my pride? I wondered.

The next day we went to the Dead Sea. We floated in the salty water and rubbed the mud on our skin. It might be healthy for our skin, but I knew it could do nothing for my hair.

Our daughter and son-in-law had taken our family sightseeing around Israel for three days before the wedding, leaving dozens of errands to be run on the day of the celebration. High on the list, however, was a trip to the beauty shop for me.

“We thought maybe you could extend her bangs,” Crystal told the beautician.

He took one look at my bangs and shook his head. “They’re too short,” he said. “I can cut some of the hair further back to match their length,” he explained in Hebrew.

Crystal told him what he should do with the remaining hair and left on an errand.

“I think the sides and back need to be cut,” the hair dresser told me haltingly in English. “You like it.”

I was desperate, and I had no one else to consult, so I agreed. With a few snips of his scissors, my hair was cut about two inches below my ears.

“You like?” he asked.

What could I say, the hair was gone. “I, I’m not sure.” First my bangs were gone, now the rest of my hair was drastically different. I didn’t look like the same person. Oh, my. But I caught myself, “All things work together . . . .” but how could this work for good. Would anyone even recognize me? I couldn’t recognize myself.

When Crystal returned, my usually even-tempered daughter yelled in unbelief. “What did you do to her? Why didn’t you do what I said?”

“Her hair is too fine. It wouldn’t work,” he said defensively.

Then, I understood. Most Israelis have lots of course hair. He’d probably never worked with fine, thin hair before.

“Oh, I like your hair,” Christine, my daughter-in-law, said when she greeted me at the wedding that night.

“Really?” I asked incredulous.

“Yes. I do.”

“Stephen stepped up. “I don’t know what all the ‘to do’ is about. I think it’s cute.”

I sighed. I didn’t think I could ever like it. And how would the photos look?

The evening was lovely with the back-drop of flowers in the nursery where Daniel worked. My granddaughters strew flower petals along the path. Following Israeli tradition, Pete and I accompanied Crystal to the huppah. Daniel eagerly met us, and we all went inside the huppah for the ceremony. Israeli dancing followed. Of course, I didn’t know the dances, but Crystal had assured me ahead of time that the steps weren’t important, just the camaraderie. Crystal and Daniel were hoisted on chairs, and everyone seemed beside themselves for joy.

We returned to Oregon a few days later. The first gathering I attended after the trip was a Moms prayer meeting. Of course, my hair was a topic of discussion. Everyone said it looked good.  One gal said it looked more modern. Then Carol, whom I knew would speak her true feelings, said, “Would it be wrong to say it looks better than before?”

Okay, I admitted to myself. It’s not like I wanted it, but I will get used to it. It’s not difficult to care for. And yes, all things, even my bangs getting burned off, work together for good.


Geneva Cobb Iijima lives near Portland, Oregon. She has published four books and over 70 articles. Visit her at