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Does God Really Hear My Cry?

Does God Really Hear My Cry?

Does God Really Hear Me When I Cry? A Life Transformed by Linda A. Haywood, is Linda's testimony of how God is able to take any situation and reverse what Satan meant for evil and bring it to God's good pleasure. Ami

A Prisoner's Wife & Lisa Godley

A Prisoner’s Wife & Lisa Godley

Episode #22 One on One with a Prisoner's Wife Listen as Nicole interviews Mrs. GE 6309, AKA Reesy Floyd-Thompson, founder of Prisoner's Wives Girlfriends and Partners. Reesy is on a mission to ensure relationships stay together  inside and outside the c

Daddy's Wives and Joy Turner

Daddy’s Wives and Joy Turner

Episode # 21 Overcoming Rape & Molestation Listen as Nicole interviews Savannah Madison , author of Daddy's Wives . Forced to be one of the wives , Savannah tells the story of sexual,mental and physical abuse up until her mid twenties. Savannah was even forced to have a chil