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Theresa Pinkney’s Debut CD – “Me Against the World”





There is definitely a message in Theresa Pinkney’s music.

Her debut CD, “It’s Me Against the World” takes us on journey of hope and inspiration.

The CD does not just speak to the saved, but to the world. The project is a mixture of pop,R & B and gospel flavored tunes with strong inspirational messages.

She reminds us that God is always with us in “Never Alone” and brings back to our memory all of what God has assured us of in “Promise”.

Theresa’s vocals are like an encouraging word (s) coming from a friend.

And that is just what it did for her friend who passed away from Breast Cancer in early 2011.

While undergoing chemotherapy her friend would listen to her CD and be comforted by the various songs. “Promise” was her favorite.

“Follow Me” has an upbeat tempo and makes you groove.” If Jesus was on Twitter, would you Follow Him?” “Count it All Joy” makes my head groove and think on all the blessings that surround us.

“Pressing On” is the perfect song to start your day. We are all “pressing towards the mark”.

Theresa wants to leave listeners with one message: BOLDNESS

“I want people who listen to my project to learn to walk in boldness and not fear. I want people to shine their light as bright as they can; don’t ever let anyone dim your light. Don’t conform to the world; let the world conform to you.”  – Theresa Pinkney

BRAINSTORM: Is This The Beginning???










Think about the last storm you endured.  Did you try to “take cover” until it ended?  Maybe you blindly walked through it as fast as you could, trying to remain as dry as possible, and hoping for the end.  How did you feel about the storm once it ceased?  Author Clevette Harris revisits her time during a storm in the book, “BRAINSTORM:  Is This The Beginning???” which encourages readers to embrace their storms.

Clevette suggests that when we are hit with an unbelievable expectation that is far from what we previously thought that makes our heads turn like that of an animated characters’, it’s called a ‘”POWER SURGE.”  These surges may affect each one of us differently.  Some may be blown down, while others could get a burst of energy that lifts them up.  Referencing to Matthew 17:20, (“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”), Clevette Harris says, “That my friends, is the Possession Of Wondrous Energy Released or what I say is POWER.” (Introduction p. 16)

Fighting medical issues that some doctors coined as, “unreal,” because of lack of sufficient evidence, facing financial strain, material damage and longing to be a faithful servant for the Lord, Ms. Harris guides us through her praise-worthy struggles which brings about a tangible understanding of faith; what it looks and feels like.  Readers are left with Psalm 121, a song of ascent, (one sang as worshippers ascended up the mountain to the temple), which aptly compliments Harris’ analogy of her faith-strengthening trials.

As I read, I caught myself releasing an excited “Yes, I know, me too!” or, “Okay, I see.  Wow, that makes sense, I never thought of it that way.” a few times.  Clevette Harris’ testimony certainly reins confirmation to this statement, “It’s always beautiful after the storm.”


Reviewed by Larie Writes
Author of “My Heart Speaks”
Breathe Again Magazine Resident Book Reviewer

BAM Welcomes Author Larie Norvell as Book Reviewer


Breathe Again Magazine welcomes author Larie Norvell to the BAM family.

Laries joined BAM in October 2011, as our resident book reviewer. “She has a love for people and books, it’s a perfect fit, says Nicole Cleveland, founder of Breathe Again Magazine.” She understands and believes in our mission. That is important.”

Larie is the author of “My Heart Speaks” (Inspired by Luke 6:45) My Heart Speaks shares Larie’s journey to spiritual maturation through cancer, sexual abuse, having children, and other  various tests of my faith, character, and sanity.

These things have taught Larie that a life of “mess” has a MESSage. She is also a wife, mother, inspirational speaker, future chef and blogger.

We look forward to reading Laries reviews.

Visit her on the web –


“Our mission is accomplished when we offer hope and a moment of encouragement, even if it’s just to “one woman” – Breathe Again Magazine