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Free from Guilt & Shame

Imagine going through life with a suitcase full of rocks and bricks on your back. The bricks and rocks represent guilt and shame.  Every time you go somewhere you pick that heavy suitcase up and place it on your back. It weighs you down but you find the strength somewhere to keep carrying it. You have convinced yourself that you were unworthy, therefore never being truly free from guilt or shame ( the suitcase ). When you travel, it’s your companion. Years and years have gone by and you still have that heavy suitcase. Never opening it, just transporting it from place to place – city to city – relationship to relationship.

In the natural if this were true you would end up with back spasms and maybe even having to undergo back surgery. One person can’t carry such weight and not expect to have complications. The suitcase represents all the hurt, shame and guilt you feel from things that have happened in your life throughout the years. Places you should not have gone, people you should not have been with and things you shouldn’t have done. I call those the shoulda, coulda and woulda’s (I know, I know… no such words, but just flow with me.)

No sense in beating yourself up over what has happened and the choices you have made. We are given one chance at this thing called life on earth. It is designed to move forward, not backwards. What happened in your past is just that- in your PAST!

Free From Guild & Shame

Life is full of lessons; we learn something new each and every day. Some lessons are harder than others, but they are meant to teach us something. Take what it taught you and move on. God has forgiven you; there is no need for shame or guilt. The ultimate price has been paid for you and I. Be free from guilt and  shame and replace it with hope, peace, joy, grace, mercy and most important, God’s Agape Love. He loves us unconditionally.

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Happy Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month.

A month to celebrate, focus on and highlight the achievements of the most influential women in history. We are grateful for the women that have come before us and we most definitely honor their accomplishments. Check out this site dedicated to Women’s History Month.

We also should honor everyday women that feed, clothe, pray and sacrifice for the sake of their families.

Honor the women that are in your life, not just in the month of March but everyday. It it wasn’t for a woman, you wouldn’t be here.

Women have put their lives on hold for men, gave up their wants for their children and the list goes on and on. Women are the ones up in the midnight hour praying for friends, church members, and family members.

When we are tired and tore down, we keep going. When daddy walks away, we press on. We go without so others can have. When the school calls, they call us at work. When the kid does something to the neighbors dog, they talk to Mom.

Women are working, taking care of the kids, finishing their degrees and pursuing their dreams at the same time.

At church women are the ones making it happen for the leaders.

Women have had their hearts broken over and over again from those closest to them and still go in the kitchen and prepare food and make the plate for the one that broke their heart.

Single Women – Married Women – Women with Kids – Women without Kids- Business Women – I salute you this month.

You are making history everyday. Thank you.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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