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Responding With Love

A Soft Answer turneth away wrath:
but grievous words stir up anger (KJV)
Proverbs 15:1


Each day, me must represent the one we claim to follow. We say  we are saved, sanctified and filled with the holyghost. We say we are running for our lives and striving to be more like Jesus. Are you responding with love in your daily interactions?

In business, and in our personal lives , how do we respond when something is not done to our liking ? What do we do, as when the people around us, don’t agree with us?

On Twitter, Facebook and other social networks we spout out scriptures and have become Kingdom living experts.  ( Not sure what that is ) But the same Kingdom living experts pumping out scriptures, are also spouting out hate, jealousy, backbiting and strife. Even cussing folks out, all for the world to see.   My eight yr old would say, “That ain’t right! ”

It’s confusing. We all know, if there is confusion, God is not in it, as he is not the author of confusion. He is peace, as we should be. We have followers and friends that hold us to a standard. But most importantly, Jesus holds us to a standard. It is his vision that we are fulfilling. Like Esther, he has called us for such a time as this. People are not only watching our actions, they are watching are reactions.

Our response to uncomfortable situations or conversations should be done in love. You don’t have to be a wimp to respond in love. Jesus was not a wimp. Jesus was kind, compassionate and humble. But he also was direct, precise and authoritative. When he spoke, it was in love. If our attributes mirror Jesus, why is there so much anger amongst our brothers and sisters? Each day my prayer is “Lord, don’t let me do anything that will embarrass you.” You see, my goal is to please God, not man. God can use Man on my behalf, but ultimately it is God who has the final say. I belong to him. In business and in our personal lives, let’s respond to our clients, friends and associates as Jesus would.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindoll

Community Harvest Outreach, Inc


Our Non Profit Spotlight is Community Harvest Outreach, Inc

Community Harvest Outreach, Inc. (CHO) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to meet the basic needs of the underprivileged in the community.  This includes providing food, clothing, and educational services to our clients through the clothes closet, our food bank, and tutorial program. Our goal is to reduce malnutrition in the most vulnerable: children and the elderly and to prevent illnesses due to improper clothing and lack of food, while providing essential educational skills.

We recentlly caught up with founders, Ernest & Laequinla Hunter.


Q. How long has Community Harvest Outreach been in existence?

A. We have been in existence for five years.  Since its inception in 2007, Community Harvest Outreach has worked to stomp out hunger, and provide a better quality of life to those in our community.  With the help of our sponsors and community partners, we have fed over 67,000 individuals and distributed over 200,000 pounds of food.

Q. Who are your clients / customers?

We provide services to all races, colors, creeds, and age groups.  However we service a high number of elderly, disabled veterans, and families with young children.  Our clients consist of everyday people who are trying to make it in this tough economy.  The person who comes to us for help may be your neighbor, a member of your church, or your friend.  Our clients are hardworking, good, kind people who need a helping hand.

Q.How are you reaching your clients / customers?

A.With the help of our corporate sponsors and community donors, Community Harvest Outreach Inc. conducts its distribution program bi-weekly from our home distribution center located in Windsor, VA.  Our doors are open every Wednesday and Thursday for distribution from 11am to 2pm, and a photo I.D is required to receive services.  Throughout the year CHO also hosts several community events.  These programs include the Easter Eggstravaganza, Community Day (school supplies, backpacks), Summer Sizzler Camp, Fall Festival, Coat Giveaway, and the Lots of Toys for Tots campaign.

Q. What inspired you to start?

A. Community Harvest Outreach, Inc. was birthed out of a great need that we witnessed in the community.  We started out distributing bread to the neighborhoods in the community, and things grew from there. Thanks to the help from our corporate sponsors and community partners we are now able to provide bread, produce, meat, and canned goods for the hungry and gently used clothing and shoes.  We’ve branched out and now provide tutorial services to educationally advance the disadvantaged.

How do you do what you do and why is it important to you? You both are Pastors, evangelists, authors, business owners, you counsel etc….How do you make the time? Why is it important to the both of you?

We would not be able to do what we do without our wonderful volunteer staff. We would like to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and the spirit of excellence they embody.  It is grueling work–operating year round with only one week off out of the year. It is all worth it when we see the grateful smiling faces come through the line.  Knowing that a family may not eat if we close the doors is enough motivation to keep pushing forward.

What are your needs for CHO at this time?

With the economic downturn, we have seen the need in our community skyrocket!  Our distribution line is generally wrapped around the building, as we continue to work to help those who need it the most.  We know that we would not be able to operate without the generous support of our donors, and your help is needed now more than ever before.  As we provide services to the elderly, disabled, and young children, our operational costs continue to rise.  To effectively meet the needs of our clients we could use new refrigeration and freezer units, office supplies (ink, printing paper, stamps, envelopes, etc.) and new or gently used shoes and clothing.  Every donation helps whether it is $5 or a brand new toy for a child who otherwise would not have a Christmas.  Your help and support is appreciated, as it is much needed.

Do you offer volunteer opportunities? If so, in what areas?

We are always offering volunteer and internship opportunities.  We are currently accepting applications for our Windsor, VA office.  Those interested may apply online at or call 757-556-5403.  Volunteering with our organization is a rewarding and enjoyable experience!

How can one make a donation?

We need your donations, and as a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are 100% tax deductible.  Donations may be made by visiting our website: . State and Federal employees can donate through the CFC and CVC campaigns. Donations may also be made in the form of check or money order and mailed to our local office.  Finally, donors can also call 757-556-5403 and make a pledge by phone

Q. Do you have any special events coming up?

We are continuously having special events in our community.  Currently, we are partnering with V.I.P. band to provide a Live Jazz Summer Series.  Our next Jazz Under the Stars evening will be Friday June 29th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  Tickets are $10 and include a dinner buffet.  Proceeds go to support the cause of CHO.  To stay updated on our latest events follow us on facebook at

Community Harvest Outreach, Inc.
5 Roberts Avenue
Windsor, VA 23487



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Waiting in the Rain


Who wants to wait in the downpour of the cold and wet rain without an umbrella?

I will answer that question for you, just about no one. Most of us who find ourselves in the midst of a rain shower would choose to take cover in a nearby shelter. No one, if they were to be truly honest with themselves, likes to feel vulnerable or helpless. Often times, storms erupt without a moment’s pause and catch us all off-guard and unexpected. Take it from me: it is possible for the weatherman to have sunshine with clear blue skies in the forecast, only for you to find yourself trapped in the grip of a thunderstorm. So many times, I was ill-prepared for the weather conditions, fell victim to not being dressed appropriately, and without an umbrella, let alone a poncho. Like many of you reading this page right now, I was left with no other choice but to walk and wait in the rain. I could have elected to press fast forward by running through the storm, but as a child, my mother shared some words of wisdom that I will never forget. She said to me once, after we were caught off guard by a sporadic rain shower,  “Run or walk son, you are still in the rain, and the rain is still going to get on you no matter how fast you run.”

The same principle is true about the storms we encounter in our lives, in the fact that we may try our best to run through the storms; however, our personal storms will inevitably make contact with us. As Christian believers in pursuit of becoming more like Christ each day, we have to learn and develop temperance for the trials that come upon us unexpectedly.

In life I have been been faced with the ultimate challenge of having to endure the tragic loss of a love one.  I’ve suffered the loss of my father suddenly without warning and no time to say goodbye. Now I can only rely on God to bring closure and mend my broken heart.  Believe me I’m not writing this to play the role of a victim but inviting you inside of my life so that you may examine the victory in having a sincere relationship with Christ.  Contrary to popular opinion bad things can still occur during good times or joyful seasons. In other words trouble waters can begin to rain in our lives despite the forecast of clear blues skies and sunny conditions.

Trust me, it is hard to stand still, when you do not know what you are waiting for or what to do. God desires to teach us how to stand still and wait. If you are like me you need Christ to provide you with the necessary tools needed to go through every event in life.

GOD BLESS YOU.  HERE ARE SOME TOOLS THAT HAS HELPED US ALONG THE WAY. (1) WAIT And Stand WITH PATIENCE-allow God to work in your life and experience one day at a time. (2) WAIT – also means to act like a waiter. You and I may not be able to stop the wind and rain in our lives but we can serve our way through it. Right in the mist of your waiting please find the time to bless someone else. I dare you to say to the Holy Spirit within yourself” MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER”. (3) WAIT IT OUT- no you and I can’t stop the storm but you can out live the storm. God doesn’t want us to run through the thunder and lightening HE wants us to stand in the trying and turbulent times.

You and I can and will out live our storm, because the Lord of the tempest (Jesus Christ) is within you. The bible says having done all to stand the only option is to stand! (EPHESIANS 6:13) Stand still wait on the wind to turn in your direction.

I prophesy a word of clarity over your life that the wind and rain that has been blowing against you is ordered by the Lord in order to make you better. THE SAME STORM THAT HAS FELT LIKE IT HAS CURSED YOU HAS BEEN BLESSING YOU ALL ALONG! Storm winds blow character into the foundation of our lives and whatever is in the foundation holds everything else together. WAIT I SAY ON THE LORD (PSALMS 27:14)! Wait you are not losing your mind your God is just breaking a mindset. Often it has been said that “Good things come to those who wait” but I beg to differ “Good things are in those who wait on the Lord.” Remember Don’t Press Fast Forward! Learn to appreciate where you are! Wait! Don’t try to find an emergency exit endure the process! Stay Blessed! ~OTR


 Oliver Reid is working on his sophomore book, Words From the Low Place “Your Lowest For God’s Highest “based on this article. He is returning to the writing scene in search of ordinary individuals with amazing stories of victory in order to Coauthor his Words From the Low Place Project











Meet Jacqueline Clark


Jacqueline Clark  resides in Lynchburg, Virginia .

Her hobbies include reading, writing, watching track and field, designing and coaching.


Pastor Jacqueline Clark dedicated her life to the Lord at the age of 21. This began a fervent relationship that would be evident to all who would come in contact with her. Through prayer, study, spiritual initiatives and cultivation by way of spiritual mentors in her life, her teaching and serving skills were honed and matured. Pastor Jacqueline is currently studying to obtain her degree in Psychology and Life Coaching to further enhance her skillset in mentoring women from all walks of life.
Alongside her husband, Pastor R. Kelso Clark; she is active in the vision of Kingdom Power Worship Center; “Making Kingdom Living a Reality”.

Pastor Jacqueline is the mother of three children; son Royale and two daughters Majesti and Honor-Riajah and is a true spiritual mother to the family of Kingdom Power Worship Center. She advocates excellence in family, ministry, education, relationships and business entrepreneurship in their lives.

Her favorite pass ons are her 4 A’s which are ACKNOWLEDGE what God says about you, AGREE with it, ACCEPT it in your heart and APPLY it to your life.

Business Info:

W.O.W.W. (Women of Wisdom Worldwide) is a women’s empowerment agency. Our vision is to be an influential force in revealing and releasing the “wow” in every woman according to Psalm 139:14 ( each of us are reverently and wonderfully made. We are available for conferences, workshops, seminars, life coaching sessions and business marketing (The “Ignite Your Icon” affiliate of W.O.W.W.) (emphasis on jingles and trade name creation)
Who do you want to connect with?

Men and women with vision to expand the Kingdom of God beyond normal church borders. Want to connect to those willing to launch into the world marketplace and harvest what belongs to God’s people

Visit here site –

If the Word Fits…Wear It


“Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” (Romans 13:14, NIV)


            What is our spiritual clothing?  Our physical clothing defines us each and every day.  For example, I’m a stay at home mom, so most of the time you will find me in sweats and a t-shirt for my daily attire.  When I was teaching school, I could not get away with wearing that type of clothing in a classroom.  I had to put on a professional demeanor, and my clothing reflected that.  Spiritual clothing should reflect who we are in Jesus Christ.  If our physical clothing defines our daily lives, then our spiritual clothing should reflect Jesus in our daily life as well.

After having three children, I am finding out that entering into my closet can be a blessing or a curse.  My youngest boy just turned one year over the summer.  I’ve found out my wardrobe in stuck between a rock and a hard place sometimes!  I’ve got the clothes that I wore before my last baby.  I was about 10 pounds thinner than I am now.  Then I’ve got the clothes that I wore about half way through my pregnancy, and finally the clothes I wore at the end of my pregnancy.  Of course these are way too big.  For some reason out of all my clothes, there seems to only be a few, precious items that have that perfect fit.  There seems to only be one or two perfect jeans in my closet that do the trick!  The reason for this illustration is a simple comparison to the Word of God.  God gives people a word from Him.  It is up to God’s children to believe the word from Him, and want to proclaim it to the world.  Only certain items will fit into our walk with God, and as Christians, we need to make a choice.  I wish it was that simple. But sometimes it’s like the jeans in my closet.  We can’t seem to find the time or place to make that word fit into our lives. Well then, if God gives His children the word, then why shouldn’t we proclaim it?  Don’t we want to glorify our Heavenly Father? I believe the enemy tries to confuse us with that same word God gave us.  Many times the question arises in my own mind, “To speak or not to speak?”

Oh the tongue!  I’ve heard the sermons on it time and time again.  It seems to be a problem for many.  We’ve got so much floating in our minds, that we feel somebody ought to hear what we’ve got to say!  After all, you are right, aren’t you?  I used to feel this way myself.  At the former little church we attended in the country, I had no problem voicing my opinion, over and over again.  I spoke up freely in business meetings, or anytime anything came up that had to remotely deal with me.  Did I work in the church?  Yes, I volunteered for everything, or I got volunteered.  Because in my mind I was thinking, “If I don’t do it, who will?”  I believe the enemy is creeping in to churches all over the world putting these thoughts in people’s heads.  Unfortunately, what ends up happening is burning out with stress.  Another thing that happens is people are pouring their hearts out volunteering and teaching, that little learning is taking place.  I found myself at this point in my life several years ago.  I was at a place where I was speaking out of righteousness, teaching out of guilt, and was not allowing myself to lay down at Jesus’ feet to hear what He had to say to me.  Basically, my spiritual wardrobe was over-sized and didn’t match up to the Word of God!

By the grace of God, and the Holy Spirit, things changed.  God brought forth such a change in me, that I felt there was nothing else to do but share it.  Let, it be known that I’m not giving anybody counsel to leave their church!  However, sometimes you may come to a fork in the road, and you need to take a deep breath and listen.  We did leave our church, mostly because we moved.  It was one of the hardest and scariest things we had ever done.  It can be a very intimidating situation entering into a new church, where you know nobody.  However, the change came.  I was allowed to learn for a while.  The Lord called me distinctly at this time in my life to be a learner.  Listen friend, this is important!  I believe God is calling his children to a place to learn or teach, and you must recognize which area you fit into.  This is not to say you can’t do both.  But it is prevalent to figure out which direction God may be leaning you closer to.  Sometimes it’s time to sit down, shut up, and listen!  I was in our current church for a couple of years when God revealed this to me.  It was right after Christmas in 2010 that God spoke to me truly about this subject.  He told me very distinctly, “Martha get out of the kitchen, and come be a Mary!”  I had been so busy doing my business; I had not been about my Father’s business.  Once I heeded to God’s calling, life became so much easier!  I had to stop trying as hard, and I could allow Jesus’ grace to cover me.  When we allow God to speak to us through His word, we can become like little children again.  We can let the cares of the world drift away, as we sit down at Jesus’ feet, listen, and learn.  You feel like that little child sitting cross-legged as your teacher reads you your favorite story.  After all, Jesus did say, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them.”(Matthew 19:13, NIV) Many people think that is about children.  I believe it is in the physical realm.  However, in the spiritual, it is the children of God I believe He is speaking about.  God wants His children to come and sit as still as a child listening to a teacher telling a story to her students.  This excites me so much, because I was always the one telling the story’s to students.  Now I can become as innocent as one of them, and sit down at Jesus’ feet.  When we do this, our spiritual clothing can slip on perfectly, and match up to God’s teachings.

I find that through our valleys in life, is when we are to be still and know God is God.  Next, after God has brought deliverance upon us, this is the time to make the Word fit and wear it as a testimony.  Many people find shame in the heartaches and pain that the enemy brings to their life.  We cannot be ashamed of anything that has occurred while we were in the valley.  As Christians, we must climb up to the mountaintops of God, fly on His eagle’s wings, and allow His Holy Spirit to lead our former faults to bring joy to a brother or sister in a current valley in their life.  God recently began to bless my family out of a valley to a restoration time in a situation in my life.  I noticed in the beginning the prayer request looked bright, and all was going great.  But in the last hours of this restoration occurring, while we were being still and waiting upon God, the enemy threw a few lies our way.  Our discouragement began, but then I remembered a beautiful promise in God’s Word.  “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Draw night to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” (James 4:7-8a, KJV)  I had to remember that God is the solid rock, upon which I must stand on.  I had to wear the Word like my favorite pair of jeans that fit just right, and not take it off until deliverance occurred!

I find many opportunities in my daily life to speak God’s Word over and toward people.  These random events seem to appear out of nowhere, but I do pray daily for this.  I feel like many people today are being called by God, but they may not understand the season for their calling.  We have to be so careful, because if we try to speak God’s Word before people are ready to hear, it may turn into a disaster.  This is exactly how the devil wants it to be.  I used to speak, speak, speak, without listening, listening, listening!  Thank you Lord for grace, grace, and more grace!  Shortly after I began to become more of a listener, I knew I needed to study the tongue, and how powerful this two-edge sword could be!  God showed me this verse, which I ponder frequently.  “A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” (Proverbs 25:11, Amplified)  Sometimes, it is best to be still and know God is God.  There may be a lot to say and do, but finding the perfect fit to the word God has given you is one only found by much prayer and supplication.

The key verse at the top speaks a world of good about God’s Word.  Picking out my perfect fit in clothing is important; however, it is just a physical attribute to my day. The more layers of spiritual clothing we pack on to us, the better protected we are from the world.    The only way this can be accomplished is to dive into the Word of God and see what fits in my mind spiritually.  I have to be careful for those pre-baby jeans that look good in my closet, but in reality do not fit on my post-baby body.  Make sure that the word in your mind is from the Lord, before it becomes clothing that defines you!


Becky Addington
Mother of 3 boys
BSE in Early Childhood
Searcy, AR

Laughing Out Loud In The Face Of Divorce

Shall I begin with all the wonderful memories?

I think not!

I’ll begin where the devil thought he had me – killed and destroyed. But God wasn’t having that and neither was I. In a dream God showed me a vision of my husband being swept out of my arms with a group of women. This was long before I received the “I’m leaving you because I’m not happy” speech from my husband.

It was April 15, 2001 in Wiesbaden Germany. I stood smiling at him when the Holy Ghost whispered to me, “Ask him what it is about this young woman that makes him happy”. The Spirit told me to remind him that I was all the things he claimed she was. He made excuses, telling me I should try to be someone other than who I was. It reminded me of the Scribes and Pharisees trying to make themselves appear righteous by condemning Jesus. By the end of that conversation he was apologizing saying, “You’re right. Every thing I have ever asked you to do, you’ve done it. You have been a good wife”.

As my husband spoke those words, the Lord spoke to me again. “Divorce him and I will make your marriage better than it ever was.” Of course, I tried to reason and ponder these words in my heart, but I knew it was the Lord. I didn’t understand it, and I didn’t want to, but I knew it was the Lord. It was sort of like when He said, “My Grace is sufficient for you Paul”. Huh? Is that You, Lord?

My husband was perplexed because I wasn’t fazed by his decision. I wasn’t crying or begging. What my husband didn’t know was that I had just had a battle with the devil over my health  and my children’s health. My two-year-old son had just spent five days in the infectious disease ward of the hospital with an ailment the doctors couldn’t identify. The same infection tried to attack my three-year-old daughter and me. I commanded our bodies to line up with the word of God. Then I packed my bags and went home to my mother. I was an unemployed, homeless, single parent with nothing. This was not part of my plan, but I knew God was going to use it for my good.

Then things got even worse. I ended up having to take the children back to Germany to live with their father while I stayed with my mother. My heart was broken. My children were gone, my husband was confused and God had surely forsaken me. During a six-month period, I had sex with three different men in addition to my husband. I was spinning totally out of control and I knew it. Yet, I still hadn’t done what God told me.
I still hadn’t divorced my husband.

In February of 2003 I was living in Phoenix, AZ. I used my last $200 to process and file my divorce papers. Even though the path of righteousness was made visible again, my heart was torn into still more pieces.
I found myself in love with two of the four men I’d had relations with: my husband, and Mr. Right all the time. It was clearly time to wipe the slate clean. I knew there could be no more sex with anybody. That’s right, no more sex with anybody, not even myself.

I cried and wailed at God that this was so unfair. I pleaded with Him to help me. Finally, I decided I would throw myself into the ministry. I would forget about men and any promise the Lord had given for restoration. This effort proved useless because I was defiled on the inside. All I could think of was what I didn’t have.

No Sex
No Job
No Money
No Children
No Husband
No God
This is how I felt. I was disappointed with God! I couldn’t understand why He would allow the devil to do  these things to me. I believed I had done everything He had asked me to do. But if you look at my list, it was SEX and not God that was first. God was at the bottom of the list.

Laughing Out Loud
In light of this divorce I have begun to laugh again. Every little dirty and evil work in my heart has been revealed. God used this opportunity to deal with my flaws: haughtiness, low self-esteem, approval seeking, fear of rejection, childhood hurts, fornication, bad attitude and lack of patience.

I had plenty of good works and faith, but I had no roots; therefore no Fruits of the Spirit were visible. Jesus says, “Every tree that is not fruitful the Father will pluck up and toss in the fire”. I did not want that to happen to me. I was disappointed and I wanted to hurt God because I had trusted Him to save my marriage. But I knew it was the devil and I wanted retribution – a hundred-fold return, including seven times what was stolen and double for my trouble and shame. Well, the best way to stomp on the devil is to produce Fruit!

After dealing with my root issues I could smile and exercise the Fruit of the Spirit in my life, and see positive results. The Lord told me, “You have need of patience that after you have done the will of God, you might receive the promise.” (Hebrew 10:36) I asked Him, “Why do I need patience?” Then I was led to Luke 21:19 which says, “In your patience possess you your souls”.

This was life changing for me. I now looked at patience in a different way, not just dealing with other people, but also in dealing with myself. By exercising this Fruit of the Spirit I could gain control of my soul (my mind, my will and my emotions), because for me, my soul was the very thing getting me into all this trouble. This was a wonderful scripture in two parts. Patience helped me receive the promise of God after doing his will. I figured out the “do His will” part; now God wanted me to have the whole package. I was ready to let go of the past and press forward to the prize of high calling.

Now my mouth is filled with laughter. Divorce thought it would destroy me, but I just laugh in the devil’s face because I know I’m getting the promise of God for the restoration of my marriage.

It’s been four and a half years of celibacy and I wait patiently on the Lord. Why do I wait? Because, in my dream after my husband went willfully with those women, I was carried inside a church and became the wife of God. After doing a good work God let me go, and when I reached for the door my husband was coming in to get me.

Stephanie Walker resides in Phoenix Arizona.

Trusting in God Through All of Life’s Trials with Terri Clay



Meet Terri Clay!

She is inspiring, empowering and a beacon of hope to everyone she encounters. Born into a middle-class, close knit family with core Christian values and morals, Terri Clay,  author of “From Fab to FIERCE”  understands the need to obey God and follow His instructions. It was through adversity and disobedience, she learned the significance of life lessons her family instilled in her.

At the tender age of 14, Terri began to make poor choices in her life which left her alone to navigate through the harsh realities of life based on her decisions. By the age of 21, she was a mother of 4 children, homeless and a single parent who endured a traumatic season of domestic violence.

Listen as host, Nicole Cleveland chats with Terry Clay about turning her life around and her brand new book, From FAB to FIERCE.

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10 Organization Tips for Part-time Business Owners

Everyday a new business will be started. The dream of entrepreneurship becomes a reality
and freedom begins to ring in the ears of the much anticipated launch.

Although the majority of business owners would like to quit their day job, finances, health insurance and other factors take priority causing the business owner to stay on their day job longer than expected.

Meet Tai Goodwin – Editor-in-Chief of Launch While Working, the official online magazine for Employedpreneurs.
Tai provides support for the ever growing community of employed entrepreneurs.

Visit her online magazine at


10 Organization Tips for Part-time Business Owners

By Tai Goodwin

This one is for all of the time-strapped employedpreneurs – oh wait that’s most of us. Even though we don’t have to do it all – we do have to learn how to manage it all: work, life, part-time business. Poor time management means we will be inefficient in the tasks required for launching our part-time business. The more efficient we are, the more profitable our business will be, and the sooner we can transition from employedpreneur to full-time entrepreneur.

What’s the problem?

Maybe your day job is  too difficult or unsuitable which makes it a drain on your energy and confidence. Or maybe you are not making good use of the time you have for your part-time business (is there something you need to outsource?). At the core of most time management issues is a problem with organization. Becoming more organized can make you more efficient and productive which both open the door to better time management. Being well organized takes lots of time and effort and there is a lot to remember but the return on the investment is worth it: The more organized you are the more time you will have for your part-time business, to take care yourself and your other responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

Here are ten tips to help you become better organized:

  1. Write things down. With so many details to remember on any given day it can be overwhelming to try to keep it all in a memory bank. When you remember that something needs to be done write it down as soon as you can in a to-do list.
  2. Use on-line organizers. Two great on-line tools are Toodle-do and Remember the Milk. In addition to being online they can be accessed and synced through your mobile devices.
  3. Set-up email reminders. There are many good and free e-mail reminder services available. You can type in what you want to remember, such as a welcome party, anniversary or special event, and you will receive an e-mail reminder when the date is approaching. This is a terrific way to keep tasks fresh in your memory.
  4. Use sticky notes. Sticky notes like Post-its from 3M are amazing as memory helpers. Write your tasks down and post it highly visible spots at home or at work. The bright, neon colors will be great to catch your eye as you are leaving. You will not likely miss it! Need to make an urgent call first thing in the morning? Leave a Post-It Note on your telephone.
  5. Keep it all in one place. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are consistent in where you keep your list. Having things listed in one place keeps you from spending valuable time searching for your notes.
  6. Deal with items only once: Handle each letter and email as soon as they come in.  Whatever it is read it and file it, redirect it to somewhere else, schedule it in your day planner or toss it. This will keep you from creating a never-ending pile on your desk in hopes that you will get to it eventually.
  7. Use timers and alarms. Take advantage of alarm clocks and timers throughout your day. Have to take the clothes out of the dryer by 12 noon? Set your alarm clock to remind you. Want to leave for the ladies luncheon by 7 p.m.? Set your timer to beep a few minutes before it is time to start to get ready.
  8. Be confident in yourself. If you keep saying you have a bad memory, you will continue to have a bad memory. Use affirmations and self-talk to drown out the negative messages that keep you believing that you can’t do what it takes to become organized.
  9. Stay healthy. Eat healthy; get plenty of rest and lots of good exercise. These will enable you to have better memory, stay focused and be alert. And it’s not just your physical health you want to pay attention to – your emotional health can contribute to how organized or disorganized you are.
  10. Establish a good routine. Having a structured routine helps you plan your time. Use a planner or journal daily and be sure to schedule time for yourself. Stick with your new routine and you will find you will be happier and with much less stress.

You can become better organized: It starts with changing your attitude, then adjusting your habits. From there establish and implement your plan. Over time, evaluate your daily routine, examine your findings and make revisions to your plan until it works for you. Commit and stick to your plan and eventually you will organized for efficiency.


Tai Goodwin is Editor-in-Chief of Launch While Working, the official online magazine for Employedpreneurs. Employedpreneurs are part of the growing community of entrepreneurs who choose to launch a business while working a full or part time job. Tai is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, online publisher, coach, and speaker. Published on Forbes, she writes for Career Magazine’s Launch While Working column, and is a regular contributor to The Success Center. Tai is also the co-host of #SmallBizChat on Twitter and facilitator of the Brilliant Network Marketing Mastermind

From The Chaos To the Call


Experience how low self esteem tried to destroy a young woman’s life, through sexual promiscuity and being lost in the church. This story will remind you that your past definitely does not determine your future, as you are able to witness the power of deliverance as a prodigal daughter returns to her forgiving Father. If you can handle transparency you can surely handle the transformation that can only come from an almighty God.

Author: Natalie C. Flemons



Embracing Reality and Experiencing Freedom



For me, admitting my struggle with depression was taboo. It was something with which Christians should not struggle and for many years I was ashamed to admit my own battle with it. I lived under the assumption that depression is a state of mind and not a medical condition. And though I knew people who took medication for depression, and some of them Christians, relying on medication was a copout. Is life really that difficult that a person should succumb to depression, especially Christians whose reliance should be on God? With some gumption and good sense anyone can get over it. I was going to get over it and so should everyone else. Besides, all one really needs to do is pick themselves up by their bootstraps and move on. It did not occur to me that depression could be more than an occasional bad day or that some people do not even have boots. I realize now that my pride and ignorance not only caused ceaseless anguish in my own life, but more significantly hindered my ability to empathize with and comfort others.

My struggle with depression began in my early twenties. I do not recall a defining moment that initiated the depression, except that circumstances were far from favorable. I was living and working in a small, rural community with little social outlet, and my two closet girl friends and colleagues in ministry had moved away. I was single and very lonely. I often felt “down in the dumps” and did not enjoy life or my usual hobbies and activities. There were also the frequent sleepless nights and, consequently, lack of energy and motivation. Most notably, there were the recurring thoughts of suicide and the night I nearly ended my life with a bottle of aspirin. Yet even in all this I could not bring myself to admit that I needed help. I was too ashamed of my depression to even confide in my Christian brothers and sisters so I withdrew from the body of Christ, those with whom I most needed to be in fellowship, accepting solitude over community.

Only recently, some twelve years later, have I come to acknowledge that my depression is a real medical condition and to willingly accept help in treating it. The breakthrough has gradually come over the course of the past few years; ironically, in the midst of the darkest and most difficult circumstances of my life in which tears, brokenness and loneliness have been constant companions, to the point that I “do not even have boots” many days.

I vividly recall the defining moment when I finally acknowledged my need for help. In tears, I called a friend and mentor from church, a minister on staff, confessing that I was not handling circumstances very well, and for the first time openly admitted my struggle with depression. He encouraged me to seek counseling, which my church offers at no charge, and assured my first appointment was scheduled with ease. He also encouraged me to consider prescription medication.

Medication has helped me manage my depression but counseling has been the most helpful. I have learned a lot about myself and how to be honest with myself and others about my depression. Most significantly, I have learned how to let others care for me. The greatest breakthrough was about a year ago, when in tears and brokenness I confided in my discipleship class at church about my struggle with depression. To confide in a trusted friend and mentor took strength; to confide in a community of Christians took courage I did not know I possessed.

As I have become more honest and open with others I have seen the fruit of their prayers and support. I have learned to rest in God’s unseen arms, trust in His unconditional love and hope in His unfailing promises. What once appeared to be a hopeless situation has become hopeful as I have allowed others to care for and about me, blessing me with their presence in my life and reminding me that I am never alone; I belong to Christ, my hope is in Him, and I have the support of His people.

I have not welcomed the dark and difficult circumstances of the past few years, but I am thankful for the greater purpose they have served in my life. Depression is no longer my shameful secret. It is a fact of life for many people and the reality of my own existence. In finally acknowledging my struggle with depression, not only have I emerged wiser, stronger and more confident of who I am in Christ, but I have experienced freedom to minister to others who struggle with depression. My pride and ignorance have been transformed into empathy and compassion. Rather than being a forbidden topic, my own experience with depression is an opportunity to express concern for others – to pray with and for them; to cry with them, encourage them and support them; and, ultimately, to love them as Christ loves them.

I have relinquished my burden of shame and guilt, I have embraced the body of Christ, and I have experienced the freedom to minister and be ministered to. I am forever blessed and grateful!


 Peggy Molitor lives in Quincy, IL.  She acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education from Northwestern College and later attained a Master of Arts in Religion from University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.  When she isn’t busy with her organizing and cleaning business, she spends her time writing Bible studies and articles for Christian publications.If you would like to contact Peggy about any of her written work, you can email her at