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followurdreamsBreathe Again was designed to uplift the modern women of today. Breathe Again was a vision created by Founder Nicole Cleveland to address the issues women go through to help empower, encourage and motivate.

And then there’s Breathe Again Magazine Radio Show – A moment of Hope, Inspiration, and Solutions, hosted by Nicole. This show is where we share victorious testimonies of faith, encouragement and motivation. Click here for additional information.

The stirring stories about overcoming adversity and living triumphant, successful lives encourages and motivate women to not only endure but to overcome¬†life’s most challenging moments. Whether they are laughing, crying or saying a heartfelt “You Go Girl,” the entertaining, engaging and informative articles keep readers coming back for more. Breathe Again Magazine provides inspiration and hope for all women regardless of age, income, race or religion. Any and every woman who has experienced a life-changing event, or supported a friend through a life-changing event, will find comfort and comrade in the pages of Breathe Again.

The articles address every area of a woman’s life including health, marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, business, relationships and more. They even provide a little down home sistagirl advice.

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