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Used & Abused


Broken bones, cuts and bruises,
Bloody noses,swollen black eyes
Beat down for no reason at all
At least I’m allowed to cry

I do everything you want
In order and by your book
But still you expect so much more
So much of me you took

Make-up may hide the bruises
It doesn’t change how I feel
My eyes tell a horrible story
My heart will never heal

A better world is outside
I wish that I could get away
Just to survive until tomorrow
In silence, I have to pray


Used And Abused was inspired by women all over
the world who is or has been in an abusive relationship and survived or died.
Get out! But first plan how to do it without detection
Ricardo R. Sumler

A Flower In The Springtime








A flower in the springtime
She blossoms with radiance
The glow of her soul
Reflects love and grace
She is so often overlooked
For her genuine beauty
The value of her existence
Is far above rubies

Who can find a virtuous woman?
Though she be not far
Our eyes search for her at a distance
Yet, she is standing in the midst
With a voice of humility
She speaks very softly
The wisdom of her words
Are true and costly

She is so highly esteemed
And her value is very high
Because of her Lord within
To Him she prays and draws nigh

She rises early in the morning
Before the dawn of day
Looking well to the ways of her house
She eateth not the bread of idleness
Her husband shall rise up and call her blessed
She is an ornament of grace to him
Though he may not see
Giving him freedom to be all he can be
Standing behind him with sincere dedication
Until he reaches his true destination

This flower is strong
Though she may be watered by her own tears
She stands firm and strong
Without any fears

You may notice her color as you are walking by
The vision of her presence has been impressed
In your mind, then you will begin to realize
This is a flower that has blossomed in the springtime

Written by: Charlene Adcock-Donelson
Copyright © 2000
All rights reserved

Scenarios Of Suicide








By Rick Sumler


Spiraling down out of control
falling from my natural high
depressed from this stressing out
I want to forget about living and die

Cutting my wrist is not the way
to release all the pain
society frowns on men with feelings
making me feel ashamed

I struggled with my curiosity
Identifying with my desires
now comes my moment of truth
realizing I’m not a liar

I told everyone “this is me “
I’m gay and I’m full of pride
my family turned their backs on me
before I committed suicide

No one wants to be my friend
what makes me a terrible person?
pre-teen years really suck
my life is so uncertain

I was so lonely in this big ‘ol world
bullied at school in the halls
teased everyday for no reason
until I ended it all

Just messing around, smoking weed
thinking this is great
until I wanted something more
I needed a stronger taste

I shoot heroin for fifteen years
on the corner as a male prostitute
rain, hail, sleet or snow
towards my addiction in hot pursuit

I’m hungry, tired and broken down
I couldn’t take it anymore
my sister found me three days later
Over dose on purpose on the floor

Eight months ago I lost my job
I needed a helping hand
how could I hold my family together
when I was considered half a man

I cried at night when my wife was asleep
I smiled throughout the day
my Pastor said “you must be strong
things will be okay “

One million dollar insurance policy
should be enough for my wife and kids to survive
Im more valuable to them right now
dead than I was alive

I made sure it was planned out right
hoping they would understand over time
I wished someone would have recognized
my warning signs of

Written by: Rickie R. Sumler © 2010

The Master Gardener and a Little Rose

Rose pictureThis poem was written in October 1997, just after I saw my mother for the last time on her death bed and attended her funeral. I was 17 and in grade 12 and had not seen her in 5 years prior to that due to the fact that I could not handle her mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia. My brother saw his birth mom for the first time that he could remember 5 hours before she died. I came back to school at Prairie Bible Institute and wrote this in a social studies class. I hope it blesses you. My life has been far from easy, but despite everything it has been beautiful in its own right. I am enclosing two copies because I am not sure what will be easier to access.

A little girl is like a rose
She slowly grows into a woman as a bud grows into full bloom.
When problems and struggles enter into life she starts to fade
Because she is lacking water, hope and love.
She looks to the thorns for keeping her upright.

There is another rose fully erect nearby the fragile blossom.
The upright rose sees the great pain for she was once a rose fading.
In her heart she prays for a miracle in this precious rose’s life something to give her hope,
The Master Gardener maybe?

One day the little dying rose sees the Master Gardener
He has marks from nail piercings in His hands and feet from saving other little roses.
The Master Gardener comes to the rose with a wonderful warmth and gentleness surrounding Him
It is genuine
The Gardener is just completely full of love.

The Master Gardener goes to the little rose and tenderly lifts up head,
“Never will I leave you, nor forsake you, little rose, you are very precious to me.”
He then reaches down and gives her the fertilizer she needs;
Suddenly she blossoms and shines for the whole world to see.
The other rose just sits and watches in awe.
She knows the little rose will never be the same.

The Master Gardener turns and notices the other beautiful rose,
“Well done my good and faithful servant, I have heard your prayers, continue praying.”
The Master Gardener then leaves the vicinity of the roses,
But he is always close by when they start to droop.
Each little girl, no matter what has happened to her, is a beautiful rose.

By Belinda (Belle) McKenzie, October 1997
Written in memory of her beautiful mother, Betsy McKenzie,
And in memory of the parents of students from Prairie Bible Institute, who passed away in 1997.
We miss you dearly!