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Meet Nadia Ianakieva

Nadia Ianakieva resides in Hanover Park, Illinois



Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, a country behind the Iron Curtain of Communism. When baptized in the Holy Spirit, Nadia was miraculously delivered from alcoholism, and nicotine addiction. She was also healed of several diseases. Signs and wonders followed every sermon in the persecuted Church of God she attended. The gifts of the Holy Spirit were manifested powerfully among the believers, and she was accustomed to prophesy, deliverance, healing and encouragement.

Business Info:

Nadia is the author of the Christian inspirational nonfiction book, “The Red Dress Decision: True Stories of a Life Filled with God’s Miracles.” The book is a first hand account of God’s supernatural activity in the present day. Miracles are part of the author’s everyday life. She thinks that everybody should live the abundant life God wants us to live.

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Meet Linda Whitlock

Linda Whitlock resides in Hampton, Virginia

Her hobbies include writing , spending time with her family and  being involved in charities / non-profit organizations such as  Parents In Action (P.I.A), Relay for Life, and getting Pink Perseverance, Inc. off the ground.


Linda is a breast cancer survivor, advocate and author. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 after finding a lump in her breast during a self examination. She is the Author of,  “The Stuff We’re Made Of.”

Business Info:

Pink Perseverance, Inc. was formed by Linda Whitlock, an eight year breast cancer survivor, and husband, Delvin Whitlock, to bring awareness and to educate women of all ages and ethnicities and their families about the importance of taking control of their breast health.

Who do you want to connect with?

Women and their families to talk about the importance of taking control of their breast health and to expose Pink Perseverance, Inc. to other audiences.


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Meet Renee Wiggins

Renee Wiggins  resides in Silver Spring, Maryland

Her hobbies include crocheting, knitting, baking and decorating cakes.


Renee Wiggins has mentored, trained and changed lives in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. A strong believer and encourager in living an authentic, healthy lifestyle, Renee specializes in designing customized lifestyle programs that are tailored to client needs, goals and habits. Her areas of expertise are Diabetes and Weight Management through which she uses a variety of presentations to educate, including workshops, lectures and one-on-one consultations.

Business Info:

Results By Renee, the premier Medical Lifestyle Spa in the Greater Washington, DC area, offering a complete wellness experience. Come spend a day or an hour with us, as you relax your spirit, mind, and body with our luxurious spa treatments or benefit from a customized lifestyle program. At Results By Renee, we are here to nurture, coach and motivate you in achieving a higher level and quality of living. Results By Renee offers Nutrition Counseling, Fitness, Lifestyle Coaching.
Who do you want to connect with?

Individuals that are ready to live a healthier lifestyle.


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Meet Ricardo Sumler

Ricardo Sumler resides in Hampton, Virginia .

His hobbies include writing poetry , performing open mic ,customizing personalized poetry and reading novels.


Ricardo Sumler, a Hampton Roads native, has been an inspirational composer of poetry and spoken word for over twenty years. Ricardo interest peaked in the verbal arts while attending high school. As a youngster his career was inspired by the remarks of his librarian to his question “where are the poetry books located?” and her response being “you are too young to be interested in poetry”. This response puzzled him so he began reading, “Love is“, phrases at the local market and eventually started to read entire books of poetry.

He is the recipient of several prestige’s awards for his outstanding works.

Business Info:
Ricardo has turned his talent for writing into a unique greeting card line capturing human emotions in his verses. “Poets Perspective Greeting Cards” features conversational material.The cards depict all of life’s situations from “best friends” to “I’m done.” Ricardo’s line is the new millennium of greeting cards. His company is not afraid to go against the grain and is recognized as a trend setter for other companies to follow. . He is taking bold steps towards addressing topics that are life changing through his poetic vision.

Poets Perspective greeting cards is an unique greeting card line which introduces more realistic cards to choose from towards their specific needs occuring in their daily lives.

Who do you want to connect with?


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Meet Sharvette Mitchell



Sharvette Mitchell resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Her hobbies include shopping and surfing the net.


Sharvette Mitchell is the owner of Mitchell Productions, LLC, a company created to provide stylish online marketing solutions. As the owner and designer, Sharvette creates effective websites and online marketing tools that assist ministries, non-profits, small businesses, authors and artists with showcasing their organization/ministry or products and services to the world!

On a weekly basis Sharvette can be heard on “The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show” which broadcasts on Stellar Award Winning and, the leading internet talk radio station.

In her spare time, she volunteers at New Jerusalem International Christian Ministries, under the leadership of Chief Apostle Olive C. Brown & Bishop Joel V. Brown as the lead Ministry Affairs Coordinator. In this role, she oversees 16 different Ministry Leaders who are responsible for all of the ministries in the church. She approves programs and events and provides consultation on marketing the individual ministries. In addition, she acts as the online marketing/communication consultant by managing three of the church websites and all email marketing tools.

Business Info:

Web Design Business- Mitchell Productions, LLC – Targeting  small or new businesses, authors, churches and non-profits.

The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show- Listen every Tuesday from 6-7pm ( est ) Providing  various guests exposure to my audience base which is mostly women .

Media Coach-  Provides  single or group coaching for new artists and new authors seeking radio interviews or for new internet radio show hosts

Who do you want to connect with?

I want to connect with other like minded women and people!


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Meet Joy Turner


Joy resides in Baltimore, Maryland

Her hobbies include spending time with her family, listening to good music, laughing and just enjoying life, being “Content… Right Where I Am.”


Single mommy, author, entrepreneur, musician, speaker, freelance writer and so much more! Joy co-hosts the Christian Authors on Tour Blog Talk Radio Show. She is the music director for her church choir.


Joy is the owner of JetSet Communications & Consulting. JetSet helps  authors, artists, businesses and ministries promote their business, book or brand. This allows them to reach higher heights, expanding “clouds above the rest”! They offer a wide range of services including press kits, press releases, bios, articles, web content, business plans, ghostwriting in addition to marketing campaigns as well as some design services.

Joy wants to connect with people who desire to walk in the joy of the Lord in their business as well as professional lives.

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Meet Latonya Brinson


Latonya resides in Chesapeake, Virginia


Latonya is a child of GOD Living for his will.  She is married with 4 kids who
loves to help people. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist through
the board of National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and
(NCBTMB) and License in the State of Virginia through the Board of
Nursing.  She is also licensed in the City of Chesapeake and insured by ABMP.

Kingdom Healing Stone LLC (Health and Wellness) focuses on the
the well being of you and your family. Kingdom Healing Stone was
established on September 2005 with the Vision of:

Building a Christian Business on the Stones (Rock) of High Standards of
Professionalism, code of ethics and the respect of the fellow man. We strive
to bring Harmony for the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to the WHOLE Kingdom of GOD
no matter the creed, Religion, Gender or Financial Situation through Love
for ourselves, peace and understanding.  Educating people on the benefits of
Massage, health issue, and information passed down through generation.
Kingdom Healing stone strive to be an All natural company offering Cures not
Treatments to all unbalances of the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT within the scope
of our practice

For more information on Massage Therapy and what it can do for you, your
family, or your business Call us at 757-515-3012 or email at

Visit here site here –

Meet Victoria Gwinn

Victoria Gwinn Picture AVictoria resides in Atlanta, GA.

Her hobbies include Writing, Singing, Shopping, and Social Media.


Your Thoughts, LLC is a Professional Writing, Personal Assistant, and Virtual Administrative Assisting Company. We cater to all of your writing needs which include: business plans, proposal writing, dissertation editing/review, resume and cover letter writing, official and unofficial correspondence, book/ghostwriting, and so much more! Our writing services have no limits for the business professional or student that seeks our services.

Your Thoughts, LLC supports CEOs, CFOs, small and large businesses, and individuals who have a demanding schedule, countless calls, and an arduous work load that need a reliable personal assistant or virtual assistant to keep things organized and moving in the direction of stability, success, and growth. We also maintain all social media components for you to make sure that your brand is constantly visible to populations that support Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other prominent networking sites. Our personal assistants travel to assist all clients and to have face-to-face and hands-on interaction while our virtual administrative assistants use the most up-to-date technology to keep all clients ahead of schedule.

About her Business:

Your Thoughts, LLC is waiting on you to let go and allow us to take your dreams, plans, and visions to the next level! We will take care of you and your brand!

She wants to connect with anyone that is willing to allow her to add value to them in exchange for the same.

Visit her site here.

Meet Ginger Marks

gingermarksGinger resides in Clearwater,Florida.

Her hobbies include singing, playing piano, crafting, pencil drawing, cooking & baking, and pulling weeds, LOL.

Reason for joining network:

To connect with like-minded business owners; people who want to learn and grow as entrepreneurs.


Ginger Carter-Marks has been entrepreneurial centered for over thirty years. Her career as a businessperson began in 1978 with the founding of Alpha-Omega Hair Transplant Clinic. This venture produced a multi-million dollar surgical facility. Following that experience Virginia became licensed as a Financial Advisor in the state of Florida under Waddell and Reed Financial Services during
which time she continued to offer her services as a copy editor and designer. Since 1998, Mrs. Marks has operated her sole-proprietorship, DocUmeant, a writing and design firm that has expanded to include DocUmeant Designs, Nibroc Marketing Solutions and the Authors ADVANTAGE. She is an internationally known designer with clients throughout the United States and Europe, including Germany and Switzerland.

She assists authors, both traditionally published and self-published, with cover design, copyediting, book layout, and the publishing process. Some of the books that she has been a major part of developing include books that have been featured on televised news and in the New York Times newspaper. Further, Ginger is a published author, under the penname Ginger Marks, with several books to her credit including her third edition, for print publication, “Presentational Skills for the Next Generation,” currently in the editing
process. Pre-order today.

About Your Business:

I offer custom graphic design at pre-fab pricing; for print, digital & e-Book publishing assistance; business stationary & marketing designs, PowerPoint presentational design, copy editing, web page design, maintenance & reviews, and much more. Visit my websites at and for further information.

Who do you want to connect with:

Doc-U-meant, We Make You Look GOOD!
Are you looking for distinctively fresh, clean, attention getting copy and designs? Let DocUmeant create the dazzling new look you need to get your message noticed not just seen. Presentations, Book & eBooks covers, layout & editing, 3-D covers, logos, buttons, banners, mastheads, card covers, web pages all created to reflect U. Let us create the Doc-U-Meant!

Is your website & copy on the mark or just run of the mill? Website reviews at affordable prices. Act now before you loose any more potential sales. Contact me if your desire is to skyrocket your business success today.

Meet Miriam Holt

Miriam Holt

Miriam lives in Chesapeake, VA.
Her hobbies include writing, reading, and computer surfing.

She joined the friendz network to stay in touch with the issues that women have and to advertise programs that will motivate, inspire and help women to live the good life promised them in God’s word.

She has been married for 27 years to Pastor Darryl E. Holt, (Saints Community COGIC) Mother of two adult sons; Brandon and Alex Holt. She graduated from Norfolk State University. She is an entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, mentor, business trainer in the field of administration. She’s also the President and Founder of “A Sister’s Heart Ministry”. She is presently the President and Founder of Frontline Media Group; a printing and graphics business that not only specializes in the printing and design of wedding, funeral, and all special occasion programs, but also caters to the printing & specialty items for reunions, church functions and more.

She wants to connect with women, teens, and ministry leaders.