BAM Founder

Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader, Radio Host, and Author, Nicole Cleveland lives her life on purpose. Her mission is to ensure that women are not suffering in silence, as she once was.

In 2006 she founded Breathe Again Magazine, an online magazine designed to encourage, uplift and inspire women. Breathe Again Magazine posts real life testimonies of women that have overcome adversity. The bible states that we overcome by the power of our testimony, but she found that people are not telling their “real” testimony. Nicole believes that everything we GROW through is for someone else. Your testimony is not for you, it’s for the next person who will feel what you felt and cry the same tears you cried. Don’t hold on to your testimony, somebody’s life depends on it.

People are on the verge of giving up all over this world. They are waiting for someone to stand up and say, “I have been where you are … but this is how I made it.”   …Read more about Nicole here

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