Breathe Again Magazine (BAM)

A moment of hope, inspiration and solutions.

Author, Ouida L. Brown and Author, Julie Castro


Ouida L. Brown – 2008 was the worst year of Ouida Brown’s life. Her beloved mother, the heart of her life died of breast cancer. Ouida found herself in a dark place—lost, depressed, and angry. She didn’t know who she was anymore. In her unhappiness, she turned to … Read the rest

Entrepreneur, Vicky E. Lynch and Author, Terryl Ebony


Vicky E. Lynch – The advancement of technology affords designers the opportunity to develop innovative and exciting new apps. The faith-based community is no exception. Vicky, an entrepreneur, and visionary took her love of the Bible, education, and her knowledge of technology and melded it into a ground-breaking, … Read the rest

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